How to order

You must be 18 years of age to commission me. If you are a minor, you may ask your parents to commission me instead. However, it is usually better to wait until you are finished growing to get a fursuit.

Short version

  1. Submit a quote form​ using one of the links on the pricing page.

  2. I will contact you letting you know what the final price will be, along with an estimated cost of shipping. I will need to know whether: 1. you accept the price and would like to be considered for a commission, 2. you would like to downgrade some features to lower the price, or 3. you would like to cancel.

  3. If you accept the quoted price, I will need to know your address so I can calculate the exact shipping cost.

  4. If slots did not fill up after one week of commissions being open, you will be automatically accepted (as long as I am able and willing to fulfill your commission). If it is currently the first week of a commission opening and I get too many requests for the amount of slots available, I may not be able to accept all of them.

  5. If you were accepted, you will have one week to pay the 30% deposit. You can choose between paying the rest in full or working out a payment plan. Don't forget to pay shipping as well, but that is not due until I am finished with your fursuit and it is ready to ship.

  6. The slot list is ordered according to who has paid in full first, so the sooner your commission is paid off, the sooner I'll get to it.

  7. When I have reached your place on the slot list and have begun working on your fursuit, I will provide updates and work in progress photos at least once a week. You may ask for additional updates/photos at any time.

  8. At certain points while I'm working on your suit, I may ask for your approval before moving on (for example, if I've finished a head base and want to make sure it looks good to you before I fur it).

  9. When I am finished with the suit, if you have not already paid the shipping fee. I will need it before I ship it to you.

  10. By default, your signature will be required when the suit is delivered. If you wish to opt out of this, please let me know as soon as possible.


Getting a Quote


On the date that commissions are set to open, quote forms will be available on the home page, pricing page, and also have links posted on my social media. There will be separate quote forms for each type of commission (head only, mini partial, regular partial, fullsuit).

Quotes will be open for a week at minimum, so take your time filling out the form. Keep in mind submitting the form and getting a quote does not guarantee you will be selected for a commission, especially if I have a lot of submissions, since there will be a limited number of slots. Typically, there will be 3 to 5 slots available.

The final price will depend on a number of factors, mainly including:

  • The complexity of your character (the price will be higher if your character has a lot of spots/stripes/other markings)

  • How many fur colors your character has, or if your character requires a more expensive type of fur

  • Features you have chosen for your suit (2D vs. 3D eyes, flat vs. puffy paws, claws vs. no claws, indoor vs. outdoor feetpaws, etc.

  • Size of your fursuit tail

It will not include the cost of shipping, but I will use a shipping calculator to get an estimate ahead of time and let you know how much it will be alongside the quoted price. If you gave your city in the quote form, the estimate will be more accurate. If you only gave your state/province for the time being, it will be less accurate. The shipping price based on your address will be the final shipping price.

When I have given you your quote, I will need to know whether you accept the price and would like to be considered for a commission, would like to downgrade some features to lower the price, or would like to cancel if the price is too high for your budget or if you've otherwise changed your mind.

If you accept the price, I will need to know your address so I can calculate the exact cost of shipping. This will be your shipping fee.

For the first week of commissions being open, I may not immediately accept your commission if I'm getting a lot of quote form submissions (if it's later in the week and you're the only one so far, I may accept your commission anyway). If after a week I have more people wanting to be considered for a commission than I have slots available, I will close quote forms.

After the quote form closes and I have responded to everyone who submitted, I will begin selecting who will be accepted for a commission slot. The length of this process will depend on how many submissions I have gotten. Once I have chosen who to accept, I will send out emails as well as message everyone who submitted letting them know whether they were accepted or not.

If it's been a week and slots have not filled, I will leave quote forms open and accept all commissions that I am able/willing to fulfill. If my slot list eventually fills up, I will close the forms until I'm almost done with all of my current slots. I may also close commissions if I'm planning some updates or will be away from my studio for an extended amount of time.

Paying/Payment Plans


If you were accepted for a commission, great! Then all you have to do to secure your slot is to pay your deposit, which is 30% of the quoted price. You will have a time limit of one week from when you received the email letting you know you were accepted. If the deposit is not paid in time, your slot will be given to someone else. (If you pay the deposit late and the slot is still open, I may still allow you to take the spot)

The order of the slot list will be based on whose commission is paid in full first. I will not start work on a commission until the price is paid in full.


I do accept payment plans, but keep in mind the length of your payment plan will affect your place on the slot list. Payment plans can also be no longer than six months in length (meaning it should be fully paid within six months of being accepted for a commission).

How the Slot List is Ordered

Whoever's commission is paid in full first will get the first slot (meaning I will start their commission first), whoever pays next will get the next slot and so on, and then the list is ordered by length of any payment plans.


Slot 1: Person 1 had full payment on hand and pays immediately after being accepted

Slot 2: Person 2 had to wait for their paycheck, for example, and pays about a week after being accepted

Slot 3: Person 3 with a payment plan of about a month

Slot 4: Person 4 with a payment plan of two months

If two people pay in full within 24 hours of each other, I will work with both of you based on when you would like to have the suit (e.g. for an upcoming convention) to determine who will come before the other on the slot list.

During the Suit Making Process

I will normally take on new commissions when I'm finishing up the last one on the slot list from a previous opening, so I may not start the first slot's commission immediately. 

The suit will not be started until it is paid for in full. If it's not paid in full by the time I reach that point on the slot list, I will move on to the next slot.

I'll be sure to give you updates when I am getting close to your place on the slot list and when I have started your suit.

While I'm making your suit, I will make an effort to send you WIP (Work In Progress) pictures at least once a week. You may ask for additional updates and WIP pictures anytime. I will also have a Trello card where you can see how far along I am at any time.


At certain points I may ask you if anything needs adjusted before I move on, such as when I have finished a head base and want to make sure it looks good to you before I fur it.


Under normal circumstances I allow the customer to meet up to get their suit if they live in the St. Louis area or are going to the same convention as me in the future, but due to Covid-19 this is currently suspended.

Otherwise, if you have not already paid the shipping fee, it is due before I send you the suit; I will not ship the suit until you have paid for shipping. I can hold on to the suit for a while if needed, but I may start adding on a small storage fee after 3 months, depending on your circumstances.

By default, your signature will be required when you receive the package. If you wish to opt out of this, please let me know as soon as possible. The last chance to let me know is as soon as the suit is finished.

Once you've gotten your suit, I would love to see pictures! This is not a requirement of course, but it definitely makes me happy <3