Can you do free delivery at conventions?

It depends on the convention. If it is a convention I am flying to, I may not have enough room to bring another suit. If I'm planning on taking a car to the convention, absolutely.

I also do group photos at conventions!

I currently plan on attending:

  • Midwest FurFest 2021 (cannot do suit deliveries)

  • Gateway FurMeet 2022 (suit deliveries are okay)

  • Furry Weekend Atlanta 2022 (cannot do suit deliveries)

Where do you get your supplies?

I usually get my fur from Big Z Fabrics, fleece and other fabrics from Joann's, and foam from Walmart. Small things like hot glue, thread, and bias tape come from either Walmart or Joann's.

If I don't plan on commissioning right away, can I still fill out the quote form for future reference?

Absolutely! However, if I raise my prices between then, your quote will no longer be valid. Notice will be given on my social media if I am getting ready to change my prices or have changed them recently.

Do you take artistic liberty commissions?

Yep! If you're interested in an artistic liberty commission, instead of uploading a reference sheet in the quote form, you can just give a species, color, and/or any other criteria and I will design a character for you before the suit is made. I will show you this character before I start your suit to make sure you like it first.

How much higher than the starting price should I expect my quoted price to be?

The starting price of a head covers the first color, while the starting price of a partial (mini or regular) covers the first two colors. The starting price of a fullsuit covers the first four colors. Additional fur colors are typically $20 to $30 extra per color. Additional features requested (claws, following eyes, etc.) will usually have a price mentioned in the quote form. A more complicated design (e.g. lots of stripes, spots, etc) can also result in a higher quote.

How long should I expect my commission to take?

Note: these completion times do not factor in how long it takes to get to your slot, wait time for materials, or shipping time. They will often be longer if I am in college for the semester or shorter if I am on summer break. I usually get the most work done in June and July and less work done in November, December, and April.

Head only: 3 to 4 weeks

Mini partial: 1 month to 1 and a half months

Regular partial: About two months

Fullsuit: 3 to 4 months

Do you have pets?

I do have a dog, who may occasionally come near my workspace, but does not come in direct contact with materials. If you are allergic to dogs, it may be best to commission a different maker instead.

Can you make a fursuit of this character from this TV show/movie/game/etc?

Due to copyright laws, I cannot accept a commission for a copyrighted character.

Can you make a fursuit in another maker's style?

I will not attempt to replicate another maker's style as it is disrespectful to the other maker. If you want a fursuit in their style specifically, you'll have to commission them yourself.

Do you take commissions for small parts (tails, paws, etc.)?

Normally, I only take part commissions for past customers who are looking to upgrade their suit. I may occasionally open part commissions to the public if I am not getting many commissions in general.

Can you add movable jaws. LED lights, or head fans?

I have not yet had enough experience adding these to suits for me to be comfortable offering them in commissions, but they might be available in the future.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but the shipping fee will be higher, and may vary depending on your country.

Can I see work in progress photos while you are making the suit?

Absolutely! I will send you work in progress photos at least once a week. You may ask for additional photos at any time, but I may not be able to provide them right away if I am away from my main studio.

Are you okay with adding a zipper in the crotch of a bodysuit?

Yes, I don't mind adding an extra zipper.

If I want to cancel my commission, how long do I have to do so?

  • If you have not yet paid your deposit (deadline to do so is one week after you were accepted for a commission), you can cancel at any time.

  • If you have already paid your deposit but I have not yet started your commission, you can cancel your commission anytime and receive a refund on any payments you have already made, but your deposit will not be refunded.

  • If I have already started your commission, it is too late to cancel.