Commissions are now closed (opening again Spring 2023)


All prices shown are in USD.


A 30% nonrefundable deposit will be required to secure a slot. I recommend saving up extra in case your quote is higher than the starting price (this will mainly depend on the complexity of your character, any extras you would like, and how many fur colors are needed).

The deposit will be 30% of your quoted price, is included in the price, and will go towards the cost of materials.


 Head Only
Starting at $650

3D/"Follow-me" Eyes: $30 extra

Sewn-in lining: $50 extra

Removable lining: $80 extra

Adjustable eyelids: $40 extra

Interchangeable tongues: $15 per extra tongue

photo4929204447041661587 (1)_edited.jpg


Mini Partial: Starting at $900

Head, handpaws, and tail

Regular Partial: Starting at $1,200

Head, handpaws, tail, and feetpaws

Add Arm Sleeves: Starting at $100 extra




Starting at $1600

Head, handpaws, tail, feetpaws, and bodysuit (no padding)

To make the bodysuit, I will need either your body measurements or a DTD (duct tape dummy) of your body.


Starting at $1800

Head, handpaws, tail, feetpaws, and bodysuit (with leg padding)

A duct tape dummy will be required for a digitigrade fullsuit

Digitigrade legs for 3/4 partials will also be available in the future (pictured right)


Fursuit Parts


Part commissions are usually only available to past customers looking to upgrade their suit. I may open part commissions to anyone if business is slow.


Flat 4-fingered: Starting at $200

Flat 5-fingered: Starting at $220

Puffy 4-fingered: Starting at $240

Add claws: +$40


Small: Starting at $30

Medium: Starting at $60

Large: Starting at $80

Curly: Starting at $100

Floor dragger: Starting at $120



(Size is based on actual footpaw size, not shoe size)

Small (Ideal for partials): Starting at $300

Medium (Ideal for partials/plantigrade): Starting at $330

Large (Ideal for digitigrade): Starting at $350

Indoor feetpaws (with paw pads): +$50

Add claws: +$40


Arm sleeves: Starting at $100


Plantigrade bodysuit: Starting at $450


Digitigrade bodysuit: Starting at $650

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