Terms of service

Last updated Sunday, January 17th, 2021.




To commission a fursuit from me, you must be 18 years of age or older.

I do not work with deadlines especially as I am a college student, so if you need your fursuit by a certain date, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to finish it by then. I can give an estimate of the completion date, but it is not guaranteed.

I will need to know your address for calculating the shipping cost and shipping the fursuit. I will not share it with anyone other than the shipping company that I use to ship your fursuit. Please make sure that you give the correct address.

The character you are commissioning a fursuit of must be owned by you. If the character is not yours and you are commissioning it as a gift, you must have the character owner's permission to do so.

I own two dogs, so I do not recommend commissioning me if you are severely allergic.

By commissioning a fursuit from me, you understand that, as a handmade item, the fursuit will have flaws. As the maker I understand that it is my duty to do my best to prevent these flaws.


Quotes given for the current commission opening may not be valid for the next time commissions open, especially if I raise prices later on. For this reason I recommend not submitting quote form if you do not intend to commission me right away.

Reference Sheets: Unless you are interested in an artistic liberty fursuit, a reference sheet is required. It must show at least two views of your character, preferably front and back. It must cover every part that will be made into a suit (if requesting a head only commission, it can just be a headshot, as long as both the front and back are shown. If requesting a fullsuit, a reference sheet of the full character is required. I don't mind NSFW references but I would appreciate it if you could send a censored version.

The quote form will ask you for some of your body measurements. It is up to you to provide accurate measurements. I am not responsible if the suit does not fit due to inaccurate measurements given. If you are commissioning the suit as a gift for someone else, you must provide their measurements.

For the first week after a commission opening: Getting a quote, and accepting the quoted price, does not yet guarantee that you will get a slot. If I get more requests than I have slots available, it is up to me to determine who will get a slot. Even if slots do not fill, there is a chance I may still deny your request for reasons including, but not limited to:

a. If you've had issues paying on time in the past

b. If I believe I need more practice with the species or technique

c. If the character design is too difficult to make into a fursuit (if this is the case, I can work with you on making a simpler design if you wish)

(After a week of commissions being open, if slots do not fill, pretty much all commissions will be accepted unless I need to deny it for any reason)

When I have given you your quoted price and estimated cost of shipping, I will need to know whether:

a. You accept the quoted price and would like to be considered for a commission slot

b. You would like to downgrade some features to lower the price

c. You would like to cancel (if it's outside your budget, you found a different maker, or if you've simply just changed your mind for example)

If it is the first week of a commission opening and I receive a large number of requests, you will have three days to let me know whether you want to go forward with your commission, otherwise you will not be considered for a commission slot. If commissions have been open for a while but my slots have not yet filled, you will have one week to respond.


The deposit is 30% of the quoted price. It is non-refundable.

If you were accepted for a commission, you have one week from the time you received your acceptance email to pay the deposit.

If the deposit is not paid by then, your slot will be given to someone else, unless slots do not fill. If you're late on the deposit but a slot is still open, I may still allow you to take the slot.


I accept payment through PayPal, cashier's checks or money orders. Paypal is preferred.

If paying with PayPal, the shipping fee and the payment(s) for the suit will be separate transactions.

If paying by cashier's check or money order, I require a tracking number before the payment due date for it to be considered on time. For example, if you're mailing me a money order to pay your initial deposit, if you send me the tracking number before the one week deadline, I will consider it to be on time, even if the money order arrives after the deadline has passed, 

I will not start work on a commission until it is paid for in full. If you are mailing a check or money order to pay for your commission, I will not start work until I have received it.

You must have your commission fully paid for no later than six months after the day it was originally accepted. I may offer an extension if you run into extenuating circumstances, which must be communicated with me before the six month deadline. I will let you know if this deadline is coming up. If the deadline passes with no prior communication from you, your commission will be cancelled and any payments made other than the 30% deposit will be refunded.

Payment Plans

I accept a variety of payment plans; weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. The only requirements are:

1. It is either a regular schedule of payments, or you let me know what dates you plan to have each payment made by

2. It is the same minimum amount each time (if you decide to pay extra on any payment, that will come out of the final payment)

3. The plan lasts no longer than 6 months.

Examples of acceptable payment plans:

1. Total price: $600. Initial deposit of $180, and then payments of $105 every Thursday for four weeks.

2. Total price: $950. Initial deposit of $285, and then 4 payments of $166.25 on April 10th, April 15th, April 25th and May 1st, dates that the customer and I have agreed on while working out the payment plan. (if they did not let me know, this would be an unacceptable payment plan since I wouldn't know when to expect payment)

The payment dates we agree on will be the dates your payment is due. If you are late on a payment, please let me know the circumstances and when you expect to be able to pay by. Being late on payment alone will not immediately result in the cancellation of your commission but may affect whether I accept you for a commission slot again in the future.

If you are a month late on a payment (two months if the payment plan was monthly) and have not communicated with me about it, I will cancel your commission and refund you any payments you have already made minus the 30% deposit.

If you are late on a payment and have been communicating with me about it, I can grant you extensions on the due date no further than six months from the date you were originally accepted for a commission, as this is the maximum amount of time I will wait for a commission to be paid for in full. If this final deadline is not met, I will cancel your commission and refund you any payments you have already made minus the 30% deposit.

Slot List

The slot list will be ordered according to when the commission is paid for in full. e.g. if you were the first one to pay in full, you will have the first slot.


If two or more people pay off their commission within 24 hours of each other, I will work with each of you to determine who needs the first slot most. For example, if one person wants their fursuit in time for a convention in three months and the other person has a convention six months away, I can give the first slot to the former and the second slot to the latter. (If no agreement can be made, e.g. if both people want their suit in time for the same convention, I will give the first slot to the person who did pay in full first.)

Fullsuits: Measurements/DTD (Duct Tape Dummy)


If you are ordering a plantigrade fullsuit, I will need either your body measurements (I will provide you with a chart showing which measurements I need) or a duct tape dummy of your body. If you are ordering a digitigrade fullsuit, a duct tape dummy is required because it is difficult to work with the body padding if working with only measurements.

If providing measurements, I am not responsible if the bodysuit does not fit due to inaccurate measurements given.

If providing a duct tape dummy, you are responsible for shipping costs to send the duct tape dummy to me. If the DTD is incorrectly made and needs to be remade, you are also responsible for shipping the new one.

Here are the requirements for your duct tape dummy:

1. It must be in a T-pose (Reason being if the arms are too much lower, that can cause there to be not enough room in the armpit area).

2. The whole surface must be covered in duct tape with no exposed clothing whatsoever, except for the edges around the neck, wrists and ankles.

3. There must be at least two layers of duct tape (I recommend using two colors of duct tape to help you ensure this). A third layer is recommended but not required.

4. Please mark the area where your belt line is (in the back) so I know where the tail should go. Make sure it's clearly visible and will not rub off (If you forget to mark this or it ends up rubbing off, you can just provide a measurement instead).


Suit Making Process

If at any point you make changes to your character design and want your suit to reflect those changes, please let me know before I start work on the suit. If design changes are made after I've already started, I cannot guarantee I will be able to change it.

 -For example, if I've already finished the paws and you want me to add claws after the fact, I will not be able to go back and add them. However, if I have not started the paws, or at least have not gotten to the point where I would be adding claws, I can make those changes.

 - Please note that some design changes may include extra fees (e.g. it is usually $20 extra to add claws)


If I ask your approval on something before moving on (e.g. making sure the head base looks good to you before I fur it), if I do not hear back in a week, I will go ahead and move on (I will work on another part of the suit while waiting, so this does not mean I'm pausing the work entirely).


If you have not yet paid your deposit to secure a slot, you may change your mind on a commission at any time.

If you have already paid your deposit, but I have not started working on your commission, you can still cancel if you wish, but the deposit will not be refunded, especially if I have already bought the materials for the fursuit. If you have already made payments on the suit other than the deposit, I can refund those.

If I have already started work on the suit, I will not allow cancellations on your end. If you successfully charge back your payments when I have already started working on the suit, I have the right to alter the design and sell it as a premade. The extent of the alterations will depend on how much work has already been done.

Circumstances where I may cancel the commission on my end

If at any point during the commissioning process I believe you are acting in a very inappropriate manner (including but not limited to sexual harassment, getting impatient if I don't reply within 5 minutes, frequently using insults, etc), I reserve the right to cancel your commission. This is only in extreme circumstances and a warning will be given first if it is about to come to that.

If at any point during the commissioning process you seem to have vanished and stopped replying to my messages, and have not given notice that you may be away from social media/messaging for a while (I will usually give it about two weeks if no notice has been given), I will pause work on the suit and attempt to contact you. If after 6 months I have not been able to get a hold of you, I have the right to cancel your commission.

If either of the two above circumstances occur: If I have not yet started working on the suit, you will receive a full refund minus the deposit. If I have already started working on the suit, the amount refunded will depend on how much work has already been done. I will also have the right to alter the design and sell it as a premade. If and when this premade sells, I will refund you the rest except for the deposit.

If at any point circumstances on my end prevent me from completing your commission, you will receive a full refund including the deposit. If I have already started the suit, you will have the option to accept the unfinished suit for a partial refund only, depending on how much work has already been done.


The shipping cost I give you after you provide your address (if paying with PayPal, this is automatically given, but please make sure the address is correct) will be your final shipping fee. It will stay the same unless the service's shipping cost goes down by the time I am ready to ship your suit. If the service's shipping cost has gone up by the time I am ready to ship your suit, I will not raise the shipping fee that you have to pay. If you have already paid for shipping and the shipping cost ends up being at least $1 lower than what you paid, I will refund you the difference.

I will need the shipping fee paid before I ship your suit. I will not ship your suit until it is paid.

If the shipping fee is not paid for in three months, I may start adding a small storage fee depending on your circumstances. The amount of this fee will depend on how much space the suit takes up (head only commissions would incur a smaller fee than fullsuits for example)

The package will be insured, so if the suit is lost or damaged while it is on its way to you, you will be reimbursed. If the suit is lost or damaged beyond repair, I can either refund you or remake the suit. If only part of the suit is damaged, I will repair the part that is damaged if I am able to, or remake the part if not.

I am not responsible if you give an incorrect address and fail to notify me, so please make sure it is correct. If it turns out to be incorrect or if you end up having to move before the suit is completed, I will refund you the shipping fee (if you've already paid it) and have you resend it.

By default, your signature will be required when the package arrives. You may opt out of this if you wish, but you must let me know before I finish the suit. A required signature protects against package theft, so if you opt out, I will not be responsible if the package is stolen.